We provide independent advice and resources to ensure bid and sales processes are focussed, objective and well executed.  

Fresh, clear analysis and perspective on ICT bids always enhances quality and hit rate.   

Activities we typically undertake include:
  • Quality review
  • Opportunity targeting and analysis
  • Complete tender responses - virtual bid team
  • Bid strategy and management processes
  • Teaming and consortia formation
  • Solution, costing and business case development
  • Risk management and modelling
  • Government tender process guidance and probity
  • Corporate / Board approval documentation
  • Customer relationship management plans
  • Leadership of contract negotiations
  • Coaching and team development
We will assist to improve your success rate by avoiding pitfalls such as: lack of prior client engagement; unrealistic view of win probability; lack of strategy and preparation prior to response; lack of understanding of internal capabilities or the competition's capabilities;  inability to understand and address client objectives; poor structuring and presentation of bid response; competitive issues.